What to Expect:seekers

In Coven of the Tangled Pines, the journey from seeker to full coven member isn't something that happens overnight.  As a seeker, you should expect to spend some time getting to know our coven and its members.  We work hard to protect our dynamic and ensure that we are bringing in members who are of like mind, and developing confidence that we are bringing in a new member who is truly a good fit is something that takes time.  The Path to Membership in our tradition is outlined on the Wild Thorn Hollow website, and our path to membership is the same.

As a seeker, expect to be invited to an assortment of open social and bonding events, as well as sabbat gatherings and other events held open by our tradition.  If you are serious about your interest in coven membership , it is important to make these things a priority.  The commitment level demonstrated in this phase is part of how we determine who we believe can and cannot commit at the level we expect of our full time members.  Beyond making a point of actively participating when the opportunity presents itself, the best thing you can do as a seeker is be yourself, and be open.  This is about getting to know one another.  Show us who you are!


Moving further along toward membership, the frequency of your participation will increase, along with the expected commitment level.  You will begin being invited to attend more of our moon gatherings, and will participate along with the coven in our tradition's sabbat gatherings.  The expectation for these meetings is that all members will be present.  The obvious extenuating circumstances aside, understand what you are committing to, and be sure you are prepared to make that commitment.

Members who have established themselves through regular participation at the events they are invited to, and who have shown themselves to be an obvious fit for the group, will ultimately, move into full coven membership, and begin attending all meetings help by the coven.  This will include more private and intimate gatherings, focused on continuing to develop the bond between established members.

As a member of Coven of the Tangled Pines, expect to participate actively, to have and share your voice, and to give to the coven as much as you take from it.  Be prepared to invest yourself into the health and growth of the group, and into the spiritual development of all members.  Come prepared to respect what is established, but to contribute to our future.  Expect to learn, but not necessarily be taught.  Our learning is experiential, and comes from exposure to the ideas of our fellow members, and from group exploration of new territory.  However, you should expect to walk and tend to your own path actively.

what to expect: members

what we expect: seekers

Really, for those at the seeker level, what we expect is pretty straightforward.  We look for seekers who have a sense of what they are looking for in a group, and who take the time the they spend as seekers seriously.  If a seeker acts ambivalent about membership during the seeker stage, it is likely that we will believe that they are, and we will probably feel the same way toward their potential coven membership.  Those seekers who make a point of demonstrating a little commitment and heartfelt interest in becoming involved are the seekers who will get our attention.

Beyond general dedication, we expect a certain amount of openness and transparency form those who are seeking membership with us.  0ur aim during this time period is to get a glimpse into who you are as  a person, and it is important that you have some willingness to "let us in."

Ideally, we would also like to see that our seekers are taking initiative in their personal paths.  We don't mind people who are new and still very much in the learning stage on their paths - but we would like to see even those individuals taking it upon themselves to learn, explore, try things, and find what works for them.

Once an individuals moves into full coven membership, the level of expectation is raised quite a bit.  Simply put, the expectation is that all members will be present at our meetings, and will actively participate and contribute.  We expect that our members will make it a priority to attend all meetings, and if you aren't prepared to occasionally say to someone else, "I'm sorry, but I can't that night - I have a coven meeting," this probably isn't the group for you. 

In the instances where missing a coven commitment is unavoidable, communication is key.  We're all adults and we get it - sometimes things will come up.  When members can't make it, we do expect good, solid communication about the whens and whys of their absence.  Plans are often made around the expectation that everyone will be present, and absences are often felt quite strongly.

Other really common sense expectations include things like staying up to date on coven events, dates, and plans, and coming to meetings prepared for whatever is planned.  We also expect and encourage members to contribute ideas, balancing anopen mind and willingness to try new things with a strong and honest voice about their take on things that matter to the coven and its future.

Finally...possibly the most important expectation is that all members invest themselves and honor their commitment.  This  means having an investment in their own personal path, and  being personally invested in the growth of the coven, and the spiritual development of each of its members.  To us - joining a coven means joining a spiritual family.  It means more than just a meeting schedule.  It means being there for one another when needed, supporting one another through the trials and triumphs of life, and being involved in both the spiritual and the mundane lives of your coven mates.

What we expect: members

OUr Ideal Member

Every single member of Coven of the Tangled Pines is different, but there are a few common threads that run through us, and a few traits we find valuable...

We need members who can laugh with us and cry with us...who can laugh at themselves and who can be stone cold serious when needed.  We need thinkers, who are always looking for new ideas and methods, rather than following someone else's rule book.  We are looking for people who are ready to boldly jump in with both feet and keep up, no matter how experienced they may be yet.  We need people who are loyal and dedicated by nature, and who love to discover and embrace the eccentricities of others.  We need members who can embrace a bit of whimsy, a bit of silliness, and a bit of chaos...but remain down to earth and keep it all centered around a serious approach to their spirituality.

Basically, we are looking for people who aren't coming to us looking for power, fluff, fantasy, rigidity, or a leader to blindly follow.  We are looking for people who are looking for a spiritual home.