A tangled & Thorny path

Coven of the Tangled Pines is the parent coven of Wild Thorn Hollow, and a lot of our path centers around the ideals of the tradition.  However, as an individual group within the tradition, we of course have our own unique spin on things, and our own group identity.  As a coven, we do embrace a wild path - particularly as it pertains to embracing spontaneity, taking a fluid and free-form approach, and individualizing and customizing just about everything we do.  Within our membership, though, we house a wide array of personalities, who may be found trudging through barns, kicking their toes up in an urban loft, or a whole lot of in between!  All of this finds its way into our group path.  We may bring suburban ideas into the great, untamed outdoors...or we may bring the wild into the city.   We embrace the interplay of different styles and ideas, and enjoy playing with the balance.

We are not a Wiccan group, and most of our members self-identify simply as Pagans and/or Witches.  We do not embrace the Wiccan rede or Threefold Law, and aside from the fact that we do meet for the full moons and dark moons, and do honor the sabbats, our group's practices are set a good bit apart from traditional Wiccan practice.  We don't cast a traditional circle, though we have created our own unique method for creating a sense of sacred space.  We embrace all facets of nature, the Divine, and ourselves - ranging from the lightest to the darkest, and typically do not make much of a distinction between them.  This should not imply that we have no sense of morals or ethics.  In fact, we tend to hold both ourselves and those we allow into our coven and our lives to a very high standard.

As a coven, we are very spiritually-centered.  Magic is a part of what many of our members do, but as a group it isn't our mainfocus.  We are primarily concerned with the spiritual growth of our members, and with providing a sense of community and support for one another through that process.  We are all walking individual paths, and though we come together for a shared experience, there is no expectation within our coven that we will all share the same perspectives and practices all of the time.  We aim for a balance between having members with enough common ground that our shared experience is harmonious and rewarding, and understanding that we do not always have to be on an same page to share a rewarding path.  

Wild Thorn Hollow

Our coven's High Priestess is the founder of Wild Thorn Hollow, and as a coven we are active members of the tradition.  Anyone seeking membership in Coven of the Tangled Pines would also by default become members of the Hollow, and if you think our coven is for you, it would definitely be a good next step to check out the tradition's website HERE.

The path in Wild Thorn Hollow is one that focuses on Pagan spirituality, community, and philanthropy.  The tradition embraces the practice of Witchcraft by those who are called to it, but its concepts and principles are universal, diverse, and adaptable enough that we feel that it appeals to many Pagans who would not self-identify as Witches, and therefore we do not consider the Hollow to be strictly a tradition of Witchcraft.  Our path will grow and evolve as we do, but in general, Wild Thorn Hollow is, nature-based path of spirituality and magic with shamanic, chaotic, and ecstatic undertones.  

Our path is more primal, intuitive, experiential, and rooted in folk practice than it is rigid, structured, and ceremonial.  It is a path that shuns rules and prescribed methods in favor of experimentation, learning, new wisdom, and depth of personal experience.  From a theological standpoint, we tend to hold a hard polytheistic, panentheistic view.  Personal observances are left up to the individual, and as a group we may get creative in what we choose to observe from time to time.  However, for the most part, members of Wild Thorn Hollow observe the phases of the moon and the eight solar sabbats on the traditional Pagan Wheel of the Year as a method of connecting more deeply with the rhythms of nature.