Our Present

The group personality of Coven of the Tangled Pines would probably best be described as modern, practical, and no-nonsense.  We value a straightforward approach that is spiritually-centered, and avoid a lot of the pomp and circumstance that can be found in many other groups.  In fact, many of us have lovingly and jokingly adopted the slogan, "When in coven, be fucking real!"  

Our path is about spirituality and a way of life.  It isn't about fluff and fantasy.  We're focused on a real world path for real world people.  Our members bring to the table an eclectic mix of Pagan theological perspectives, and we find unity in the shared notions that all Gods are valid, and that the Divine can be found all around us.

Together, we follow a path that is a little bit wild, a little bit chaotic, and that tends to trend toward the urban and suburban - though there is definitely room for our rural counterparts!  

For the past year or so, Coven of the Tangled Pines has spent time focused inward - working to establish a new group identity in the face of a whirlwind of changes, and developing a group bond between those members who are like-minded and have demonstrated a deep level of commitment to the group.  We are now ready to reach outward and share that.  Our future holds plans for actively seeking out new members of like mind, and for re-emerging into the public Pagan community, making a new mark in a new way. 

Moving forward, our goals are to continue to develop our unique group style, and our bond of membership, while opening ourselves to bringing new people into the mix.  

OUr Future

our past

Coven of the Tangled Pines was founded in the summer of 2006, and is lead by its founding High Priestess.  Through our many evolutionary stages, we have always tried to make a positive impact on our local Pagan community.  We have taken part in the birthing of three traditions, and multiple new covens.  In the past, we have been actively involved in Nashville Pagan Pride Day, have hosted open meetups for the Pagan community, and have organized large scale workshops, open rituals, and Pagan community events.

For the past year, along with going through a bit of a re-set - redefining ourselves with a predominately new line up of members - Coven of the Tangled Pines been putting a lot of it's attention into the development of our new tradition - Wild Thorn Hollow - and helping to get it off the ground.