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Blog for Coven of the Tangled Pines, a coven of Witches located in the Middle TN area.

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<p><a href="">To comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable ..</a></p>


To comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable ..

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<blockquote><p>Candles and crystals 💜</p></blockquote>


Candles and crystals 💜

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<p>Silly times at full moon…</p>

Silly times at full moon…

Posted 94 weeks ago

Never Quite as Planned...

Last night we met for the dark moon.  The original thought was that we’d do some fire scrying trance work, but we were going to be down a couple of members who would have been disappointed to miss that.  So we fell on a back-up plan of some knot magic, and decided to keep things low-key.

As everyone filtered in, we did the usual meeting start routine…poured some wine and started to catch up on what we’d all missed in each others’ lives in the last couple of weeks.  The conversation rambled on about what everyone had been up to, and what we knew about what had been going on with the members who were absent.  And in the course of the discussion, it became pretty apparent that something was weighing pretty heavily on one of the members.

We talked a bit about knot magic, and a couple of us did some quick and simple workings, but the night kept turning back toward the topic at hand for this particular member.  Helping her talk through and process the subject ended up becoming the focus of the evening.  There was a time, long passed, that I probably would have found this deviation from the “planned events” frustrating.  But now, after years of having lead this group through many different incarnations, I know that when this sort of thing is happening, it means that the group is in a really good place.

Shit gets real. Life gets real, and hard, and ugly, and even now and then causes us to look in the mirror and see parts of ourselves that seem like strangers to us. And sometimes we’re not even sure we like them.  It happens, and it’s something that I know that a good few of our members have gone through fairly recently, in one form or another.  When that stuff starts to happen, if we feel like we have to come to coven and put those thoughts and feeling on the back burner in order to keep things polite and pleasant…what the hell is the point?  Why engage in a spiritual community if we can’t count on that community to look us square in the eye in our ugliest and most challenging moments, and be able to look right past the ugliness and chaos and tell us exactly what we need to hear…whether we want to hear it or not?

I now know that when we can count on each other for that…when meetings can get derailed because we’re operating in a place of enough trust that we can let each other into the stuff that we don’t even want to confront ourselves…coven is going somewhere amazing.  That kind of openness and vulnerability can lead to a kind of bond that can make the unbelievable happen.

In ten years, I have seen a lot of wonderful people come and go from this coven, and I am proud to be able to say that.  We’ve pushed through major life changes, stumbled through personality clashes, and at times caught our stride in a way that was just right, making everything flow seamlessly.  Every bit of it has lead to growth, and some pretty important experience and insight for me as a coven leader, so I count all of it as valuable, but I can’t deny that there is something so fulfilling about that moment when everything just clicks.  About 6 months or so ago, the core members of our group met up after some of those frustrating personality clashes and changes, and we took a good, hard look at what we wanted in our coven and in our members.  We put that energy out there, and I have to say…I believe it worked like gang busters!  I now find myself so excited to see what this group goes on to do next, and moments like last night…when it all sort of falls apart because we’re more concerned about being there for one another and getting this shit we call life figured out…give me all the hope in the world.

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<p>Still Kickin’ It!</p>

Still Kickin’ It!

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<p><b>Edwin Howland Blashfield</b> (1848-1936)</p>


Edwin Howland Blashfield (1848-1936)

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<p>Look after the Oceans</p>
<p>we are all connected</p>
<p>dont use plastic bags, they Kill MERMAIDS<br/></p>


Look after the Oceans

we are all connected

dont use plastic bags, they Kill MERMAIDS

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